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 James Wilson

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Dr. James Wilson

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PostSubject: James Wilson   Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:34 pm

Full name: James Evan Wilson
Nickname: NA
Age: 38 Years Old
Occupation: Doctor - Head of Oncology
Date of Birth: February 28, 1971
Play By: Robert Sean Leonard

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Extra Information: NA

House with whom he tends to share a love-hate relationship.
Working at the hospital.

His patients dying, which tends to happen quite a lot in the Oncology department.
House with whom he tends to share a love-hate relationship.
Past relationships - with the exception of Amber.


Irritating habit of lecturing others on morals.
Bad luck in relationships.
Worries too much about others.

Wilson is very optimistic, and always tries to see the best of a situation, trying to give his patients hope, even if their illness is terminal. House describes Wilson as "a buddy of mine people say 'Thank you' to, when he tells them they are dying." He has a habit of worrying about others, putting them before himself.

Wilson, one of three brothers from a Jewish household, has an undergraduate degree from McGill University, and graduate degrees from Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. During a medical convention in New Orleans that he attended shortly after graduating medical school, Wilson accidentally broke an antique mirror and started a bar fight. Out of boredom, House bailed him out and hired an attorney to clear his name, thus starting their professional and personal relationship. In the season 1 episode "Histories", it is revealed that one of his brothers is homeless and that Wilson is unaware if he is still alive as he has not seen him in nine years. Wilson has a history of failed marriages: his third marriage takes place during the show's first season and, with the discovery of his wife's infidelity, ends during the second season. After the failure of his third marriage, Wilson lives in various temporary accommodations (including a stint at House's own apartment) until he meets Amber Volakis.

Family Background:
Wilson was brought up in a Jewish family, and has two brothers, one of whom is presumed to be homeless. Has had 3 failed marriages, and is still recovering from the recent death of his girlfriend, Amber.

Roleplay Example:
Wilson stared blankly at the wall opposite him. It had been several weeks now since Ambers death, though it still felt like it had happened mere moments ago. He knew he would have to get away from this hospital, away from the bad memories that lingered. Still, he had already talked to Cuddy about all this, how he was planning on moving on, getting a new job elsewhere and leaving this all behind. She didn't seem to like the idea in the slightest, didn't seem to really understand his reasoning behind it all.
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James Wilson
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