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 Pandora Jones

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Pandora Jones

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PostSubject: Pandora Jones   Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:33 pm

Full name: Pandora Louise Jones
Nickname: Pan
Age: 18
Occupation: Graduated Student
Date of Birth: 2nd August 1990
Play By: NA

Eye Colour: Emerald green
Hair Colour: Sleek, Blonde
Extra Information: A tatoo of a 'yin-yang' on her shoulder and a large scar on her back from where her father hit her with an iron for creasing his shirt.

Mocking people
Chase's accent and hair.

Her birth parents

Incredibly intelligent
Extremely like-able

Prefers "darker" people which can get her into trouble
Hates any sort of needle (Getting her tatoo done was extremely difficult and painfull)
she isnt really opened minded and can be quite prejudice.

She is quite pessimistic and cruel. She enjoys mocking people and being friends with those who mock people. She is often described as 'funny' and is incredibly like-able despite her "faults"

She has always been emotionally insecure as a child and as a teenager. She tried to cope with it by acting confident but that is just a facade. She was physically and emotionally abused from the age of 5 until she was 15. At the age of 15, her sister was killed by her parents aged 4 and at that, Pandora phoned the police. Her parents are currently in prison.
She was originally English but moved to America to start a new life. Although her English accent remains.

Family Background:
She had a younger sister (Maldia) until was murdered by her parents (Mr and Mrs Kristan). She was beaten to near death as a child which gave her a dislike of parentage until she was fostered by Mr and Mrs Jones whos name she took as her own.

Roleplay Example:
Pan walked into the hospital, she had a headache and had a high temperature. She felt like she was coming down with the flu but thought she should get checked out never-the-less. She had just come back from 2 weeks in Egypt on a holiday to the pyramids. She now had a slight tan but she had enjoyed every second of it.
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Pandora Jones
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