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 Layleen Cartwright

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Layleen Cartwright


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PostSubject: Layleen Cartwright   Mon May 04, 2009 2:58 pm

Full name: Layleen Dorris Cartwright
Nickname: Lay, Layligh
Age: 22
Occupation: Waitress
Date of Birth: 10/02/1987

Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black

Likes: Playing Guitar, music, shoes
Dislikes: Her parents, betrayal, the colour yellow
Strengths: Is good at playing the guitar, is carefree about bad things, singing
Weaknesses: Flirting, staying in a relationship, making friends and starting conversations - is shy.

Personality: Layleen doesn't get too fussed about things and keeps a clear head. She is a little cheeky and bitchy about stuff when it really angers her. However she is usally a friendly person with few worries.
History: In her childhood, Layleen matured very quickly. Soon into her high school life, she discovered a file while looking on her father's omputer. She discovered that her perants were secretly using her for an experiment made up by the government. Outraged, she ran away from home and chose to stay in a forrest for a number of days with little food and supplies. At last when her perants found out where she was, they bought her home. Layleen was phisicly abused for months after and started becoming depressed, afraid of telling anyone.

When it became to much, the neighbours heard and called the police, the government tried to keep her living there but failed. She never got adopted after going to an orphanage, but as soon as she turned 20, Lyaleen left to the other side of America, deciding that she would be as far away from her perants as posible there with little cost.

Family Background: Layleen's perants got jail for a year each but let out soon. They are living in England. She doesn't have any sisters and her other fmaily is unknown

Roleplay Example:
Layleen gently rested her guitar on her bed, walking over to the mirror. She admired her reflection. Her eyes were dark as she had no slept much that night. The memories of her childhood were getting in the way of her life recently. She had tried to push them aside so much and they had been finally out of the way. 'No', she thought. 'Not anymore will I think about this. It's not the past, it's the future. Besides - I thought I didn't care anymore'. Smiling to her reflection she nodded brefly. 'Yeah, I don't'
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Layleen Cartwright
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