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 Mary-Eve Green

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Mary Green


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PostSubject: Mary-Eve Green   Mon May 04, 2009 5:21 pm

Full name: Mary-Eve Rachel Green
Nickname: Evey
Age: 7 Years Old
Occupation: Student - Second Grade
Date of Birth: 21/09/01
Play By: None

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Extra Information: Always wears a small, silver cross necklace. Hair is short, just below her chin.

Her Religion - Jehovah's Witness.
Friends and Family.
Dentists - Loves getting a free sticker at the end.

People who do not have a religion.
Cold Weather.
Blood Transfusions.

Fast Learner.
Good ability to tell when people are lying, very perceptive.
Very patient, doesn't get bored and fidget like most other people her age.

Prejudiced - Views atheists, homosexuals and Blasphemers of God as inferior.
Phobia of the elderly.
Can be quite condescending.

Mary-Eve is optimistic, friendly to some, and very superstitious. She was brought up by her parents as a Jehovah's Witness, and so takes it very seriously, refusing to associate with anyone who mocks it. She will act rather condescending to people who she views as inferior, which is usually a result of her religious prejudices.

Mary-Eve was brought up in a religious household, her daily routine often involving praying to God at mealtimes and at the end of the day. She gets on with most other children her age. Hasn't been given her MMR because her parents read about the link between the vaccine and autism and decided not to get her vaccinated. Recently she has had experiences of severe vertigo, and tinnitus. Her parents admitted her to hospital after she had a vertigo attack that lasted about 2 hours, she experienced nausea, vomiting and dizziness as a result of this.

Family Background:
Born to parents Abigail and Joseph Green, has a 7 month old brother called Cain. They have a pet dog, called Rover and several goldfish.

Roleplay Example:

Mary-Eve was sat in bed reading her bible, which had been a present from her Nan. She turned the page, currently on the chapter about the city of Jericho. This was one of her favourite parts of the bible, Joshua seemed to brave, bringing justice to the people who had defied his God, and his belief to do whatever God requested astounded her. She wanted to be like him when she grew up.

As she turned the page she found it harder to concentrate, the ringing noise in her ear intensifying. She had been experiencing this odd ringing noise for several weeks now, but had not told anyone about it, seeing as it was most likely perfectly normal. As her eyes carefully read through the text, never rushing it, she felt the world tilt to one side. Giving a yelp of surprise she tried to grab onto the wooden frame of her bed, trying to steady herself. It didn't seem to work, as her head was still spinning. She could feel the bile rising up in her throat as she groggily clutched at the beds frame, throwing up messily over her bed covers.

"Mom," she groaned, voice a little to quiet for her parent in the living room downstairs to hear. "Mom!" she repeated, louder this time, but still with no success. Keeping an unsteady hand on her bed, she pushed herself to her feet, about to make her way downstairs. As soon as her hand left the wood she instantly felt herself fall sideways, hard onto the wooden floor. She was now lying on the floor, hair askew. The world was still spinning and she had hit her head on the floor quite hard.
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Mary-Eve Green
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