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 Lilly Kurt

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Lilly Kurt


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PostSubject: Lilly Kurt   Tue May 05, 2009 12:19 pm

Full name: Lilly Meridan Kurt
Nickname: N/A
Age: 6
Occupation: None.
Date of Birth: 11 March 2003

Eye Colour: watery blue
Hair Colour: brown-blonde. changes in the light
Extra Information: has numerous scars, burns and bruises due to "accidents" in the household

Likes: Puppies
the colour blue

Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts
her mommy drinking

Strengths: Her cutness normally gets her free ice-cream from the ice-cream van
has an adorable singing voice which is pitch perfect
is quite intelligent for a 6 year old but doesn't show it

Weaknesses: is insecure and extremely shy around strangers
has a tendancy to blame herself for what her mother does to her
doesnt talk much to anyone if she doesnt think she can trust them

Personality: She is shy and silent. She is insecure and scared that if she tells anyone she gets abused by her mother then her mother will leave and she will be alone.
History: She has been abused by her alcoholic mother for 4 years. She has also been to hospital more times than most people go in their lifetime. Despite her mother's claims she is not clumsy but she has been admitted due to burns, cuts and broken bones.
Family Background: She is an only child of Micheal and Melody Kurt. Melody and Micheal tried to stay together despite Micheal's inability to cope with Melody's alcoholism and so left when Lilly was only just 2. Melody felt it was Lilly's fault as Micheal had written nothing more than
Sorry. I can't cope anymore. I will always love you.

In his leaving letter and Melody interpreted it to mean he couldn't cope with Lilly so he had left. Melody then took out spite and anger towards a 2 year old Lilly and drunk herself into submission. Lilly returns rather frequently between 3 different hospitals under different names.

Roleplay Example:
Lilly was rushed into ER on a stretcher bleeding badly and unconcious. Clinging to life. She had "fallen" down the stairs and was suffering from a splintered collar bone, broken leg and her left arm shattered in 3 places. One of the bones had peirced the skin and stuck out grotesquely at an awkward angle. She would survive of coure, get better, go back home. But then it will happen again. And keep happening. Like a viscious circle. Life's a Bitch!
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Lilly Kurt
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