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 The mysterious apperance

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Kate Wright


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PostSubject: The mysterious apperance   Tue May 05, 2009 1:48 pm

Kate stood in front of the mirror watching her sorry expression. Her dark, tired eyes looked back at her with a mixture of remorse and confusion. They then followed down her figure to the large bump and she felt a slight kick from the baby. She could have it anytime now.

The only reason she was here, was because her mother had been kind enough to pay for a room. Her suitcase lay on her bed. Kate had not bothered unpacking. In fact, she had left it there for at least two hours. The room was small. She had expected this since her mum was not rich or anything like that. She was only worried most of the time. Perhaps she had been scared of Kate starting to give birth at home.

Visiting hours had long since ended, her mother had left hours ago. Soon after dropping her off. Wondering over to her bed, she sat down next to her case.
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The mysterious apperance
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