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 Elizabeth Cutlass

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Elizabeth Cutlass

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Cutlass   Fri May 29, 2009 5:05 am

Full name: Elizabeth Melanie Cutlass
Nickname: Ellie, lassie
Age: 14
Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: 13th October 1994
Play By: N/A.

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Extra Information: has attempted to peirce her tummy multiple times but all attempts failed. Has had a history of minor self-harming and still continues to some degree. Has only about 1/3 of her own natural skin after a disasterous fire aged 3. She was locked in a room while it was ablaze by an older family member who had started the fire.
She has 2 scars on her right wrist from attempted suicide when she was 13. In total she has had 5 attempts (wrist slitting, overdose on various medication, tried to drown herself and hanging.) But she doesn't do that anymore.

Likes: Sarcasm
Cruel humour

Dislikes: Chavs

Strengths: Has a rather high pain tolerance
Can take pretty much whatever is thrown at her
Has no problem with death.

Weaknesses: Minor depression
Self Loathing
thinks that anything bad or unfair thrown at her is punishment for any bad thing she has ever done.

Personality: Her personality changes constantly. She has a lot of secrets and uses a facade of confidence to hide her self loathing and low self esteem. She loves adrenaline and has a habit of doing stupid things such as poisoning herself or putting herself at risk to see what happends. She is highly pessimistic and irritable.
History: She has a rather disasterous and unlucky history. She was diagnosed with cancer aged 6 and has had to have frequent visits to the hospital. The last had a devastating affect on her. She was told to lower her BP otherwise she would die in her late 20's which caused her to develop Insomnia and she has been instructed to see a psycologist (which she refused) after she had refused anti-depressants. She hallucinates frequently. She has a limp which was created after trying to jump a hill. It is worse and easier to identify when it's in pain.
Family Background: She has 2 younger sister's and is the least favourite of them all. Her parents are together but not married. She dislikes them completely and thinks of them as lodgers rather than family. Her mother was hit by a car while pregnant with her. The crash affected her imagination. Causing her to hallucinate her whole life and become Physiopathic.

Roleplay Example:
Ellie sat in the waiting room. Fear gripped her insides. She had come to see the Oncologist and was terrified. She hated being at the hospital as the news was always bad. She rubbed her stinging eyes. She hadn't slept for over a week now. She needed to sleep. She needed to rest but the Insomnia was worse then ever. She was wearing a Millwall Football T-shirt and shorts with her left arm heavily bandaged. Her depression hit a low and she had gotten carried away with a kitchen knife. The wound had bled through the bandage and so looked pretty gory. She tried to ignore the throbbing pain. She was there for the cancer. Not for a lack of self esteem and common sense.

Physiopathic = Like Psycopathic (the inability to feel guilt.) A Physiopath will know when they are supposed to feel guilt and can make themselves feel a kind of artificial guilt.
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Elizabeth Cutlass
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