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 Dr John Dorian

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Dr Dorian

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PostSubject: Dr John Dorian   Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:37 pm

Full name: John Micheal Dorian
Nickname: J.D
Age: 26
Occupation: Diagnosticion and surgeon
Date of Birth: 23rd May
Play By: Zach Braff.

Eye Colour: murky Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Extra Information: Has no piercings or tatoos as of yet.

Likes: His bedt friend Turk ((Brown bear))
Much to his annoyance, Dr Cox
His dead/stuffed blonde labridor Rowdy.

Dislikes: The Janitor, The Janitor, The Janitor.
Strengths: He is brilliant at his job and gets on with his patients well. He has a kind heart and just wants to help people. Almost everyone likes him apart from his arch nemasis The Janitor and Dr Cox but J.D chooses to treat Dr Cox's hatred as a secret need of care.
Weaknesses: He is quite immature which can disturb his work. Sometimes his softness can lead him to be used by people. He has no real physical strength

Personality: Funny, lighthearted unless in a serious situation. He is energetic and a very immature. J.D.'s most prominently featured quirk is his habit of daydreaming. When this happens, he tilts his head back and to the left, blankly looking upwards. The sequences played out in his daydreams are of surreal scenarios and situations that have just been mentioned or wondered about, often in an exaggerated manner. He is also known for his love of appletinis and carefully styled hair. Despite his numerous flaws, quirks and personal insecurities, J.D. is shown throughout the series to be a very competent doctor. While he doesn't possess as much technical knowledge about medicine as Elliot, he is described by Carla and Dr. Cox as having "very good instincts" and a lot of determination and enthusiasm for his job.
History: He begins the show as an intern; after a year, he becomes a resident, and eventually an attending physician in internal medicine. J.D. begins work at Sacred Heart under Chief Attending Physician Dr. Perry Cox, who generally refers to J.D. by a series of girls' names. J.D. thinks of Cox as his mentor and friend, which Cox adamantly denies. As much as he hates to admit it, however, Cox respects J.D. as a doctor and even cares about him as a person

Family Background: He grew up in Trotwood, Ohio as the son of Sam and Barbara Turner Dorian. He has an older brother, Dan, with whom he has a love/hate relationship.

Roleplay Example:
J.D sat in the doctors lounge, waiting for Dr Cox to arrive at the hospital. He liked to arrive early to wish Dr Cox good morning despite the amount of times he was ranted at for it. He was daydreaming about Rowdy coming back to life when he felt a lump appear down his back. It was moving. He turned round and saw the Janitor laughing insanely and ran from the lounge, screaming. He came across a small office and ran inside. He removed his top and either a large mouse or a small rat fell out. It then scuttled beneath the desk of whoevers office this was. He looked at the door to check who he should be avoiding for a while and let out a high pitched shriek as he saw the brass sign. "Doctor House" He decided to run before it was too late!
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Dr John Dorian
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